• Turn Your Problems Into Products
    Turn Your Problems Into Products

    Turn Your Problems Into Products

    Cambi has developed extremely energy efficient systems that reduce conventional problems with handling sludge, and at the same time turns the sludge in to a truly valuable resource. Through Cambi’s tested and patented processes, soil replenishment and energy recovery is lifted to a whole new level, while the amount of disposal is minimized. When problems are turned into products, money is not just saved, but earned.

  • Trust in the World Leader

    Trust in the World Leader

    With highly developed and thoroughly tested technologies through 20 years of experience, Cambi has become the world leader within sludge pre-treatment thermal hydrolysis process. With 51 plants worldwide committed to the CambiTHP™ process, and 19 countries adopting our technologies, Cambi has moved from being a pioneer within sludge pre-treatment, to practically and literally become the largest actor in the field. Through solid experience and continuous research, we are proud of our proven records and long reference list – which all are based on leading technology and quality in deliveries.

  • Maximize the Value of Your Assets
    Maximize the Value of Your Assets

    Maximize the Value of Your Assets

    CambiTHP™ enhances digester capacity by 2-3 times, maximizing the value of existing and/or future assets. Through decades of research and experience Cambi has developed well tested and proven standard add on modules that can be plugged into both existing and green field anaerobic digestion plants, giving a reliable, steady and continuous operation of the plant. Cambi Services & Operations offers operating expertise to ensure you maximize the value of existing and future assets.

Cambi converts Beijing’s sewage sludge to clean...

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg opened last Friday in Beijing a new biogas plant, which uses Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis process at the XiaoHongMen wastewater treatment plant. Cambi is building five large plants in Beijing, producing energy from the sewage sludge from more than 20 million people in an environmentally sustainable, yet profitable way.

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CAMBI is now the main shareholder in HØST

CAMBI ASA has become the main shareholder in HØST Verdien i Avfall AS by purchasing the shares previously belonging to Aust-Agder Næringsselskap AS and Invest24 AS. Following this transaction, the company is now owned by CAMBI ASA (80%) and Terramarin AS (20%).

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Norwegian firm converting its sludge into energy

It was a chance meeting in 1996 with a Norwegian firm that was converting its sludge into energy that triggered Northumbrian's change of heart”. (Cambi converting >30% of UK's sewage sludge to renewable biogas & fertilizer)

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Cambi awarded contract at Bonnybrook WWTP, Calgary,...

We are pleased to announce that The City of Calgary has awarded Cambi a contract for the delivery of two (2) lines of Cambi THP B6-4 reactor systems, including associated ancillaries and services for the treatment of Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) prior to digestion.

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Cambi awarded contract in Minworth, Birmingham,UK...

Thermal Hydrolysis Procurement

In the first half of 2016 Cambi received a signed contract from MWH Treatment Limited, for the delivery and installation of 3 lines of Cambi THP B6 – 4 reactor system and sludge coolers for cooling of hydrolysed sludge prior to digestion at Minworth STW plant in Birmingham. 

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Accepting on Behalf of Team Blue

I was honored to accept the US Water Prize for 2016 on behalf of DC Water at the impressive US Water Alliance meeting in Atlanta. 

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ThamesGrow takes the cake

There was a time when it was easy to get rid of sludge.

One such disposal route for water companies, especially those serving large urban areas, would be to load countless tons of the stuff onto barges and send it out to the middle of the North Sea where it would be dumped. We live in more enlightened times, of course, and the sea disposal route was closed off for water companies in 1998 by European legislation. The challenge then was to find cleaner and more innovative ways to solve the sludge problem.

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Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process at DC

D.C. Water begins harnessing electricity from every...

The next time you flush in the nation’s capital, you might consider this: You — or, more precisely, whatever you have flushed — will help generate clean energy.

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THP The Missing Ingredient

Quoting ingress of WaterWord article:

One of the world's largest facilities in Davyhulme is proving the importance of thermal hydrolysis technology combined with digestion prior to sludge incineration. Bill Barber, Rick Lancaster and Harald Kleiven discuss reasons for the technology choice and results from an energy study measuring inputs and outputs.

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Saving Ratepayer Money

Quoting George Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and General Manager of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water):

We have built the first CAMBI thermal hydrolysis and digester system in North America which also happens to be the largest in the world. The benefits and costs of this project are both enormous: ...

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Waterboard Vechtstromen

Cambi will construct a new Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) plant in the city of Hengelo, the Netherlands. The Cambi THP sludge pre-treatment will approximately double the capacity of the existing egg-shaped digesters from 9,000 to 18,000 ton sludge per year.

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Ministral visit to Cambi

Norway’s Industry Minister Monica Mæland and Minister of Education Thorbjorn Røe Isaksen, visited Cambi´s headquarters in Asker. The ministers wanted to learn about industrial research, higher education, and public support. Cambi used our cases in Washington, Amperverband and Oslo as examples.

Cambi CEO Per Lillebø presented suggestions as to how research and education can improve conditions in Norway.

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