Cambi offers the ultimate solution to maximize the value of your assets. Whether the assets are existing or green field plants, Cambi has well tested and proven systems to maximize capacity and minimize costs related to sludge treatment. Note that our standardized modules are based on a plug and play principle making the systems easy to implement into plants of different dimensions.

  • Cambi’s patented Thermal Hydrolysis Process (CambiTHP™) is a proven and reliable technology that has been used around the world since 1995. CambiTHP™ has been implemented in existing and “green field” projects designed to reduce disposal quantities and the cost of building and operating digesters.

    The process system is build as a plug and play module that is compatible with small, medium and large scale waste water treatment plants.

  • Cambi SolidStream™ is a patented Cambi process for existing and green field plants. After conventional digestion, biosolids (treated sludge) typically dewater to 20-25% dry solids, which means 75-80% of the further costs for transporting and handling are associated with the water.

    By increasing dewaterability of digested solids to 40-60% dry solids, the water volume and associate costs can be reduced by 75%. In addition, Cambi SolidStream™ results in a Class A, pathogen-free product.

  • For existing and future customers, Cambi offers full service and operation of CambiTHPTM and Cambi SolidStreamTM systems. Our thoroughly trained and highly skilled personnel assure optimal operation, minimal cost and maximum value of your planned or existing assets.

    The Service Models also may include financial programs, which allow our customers to implement our processes with minimal financial risk, and quick return on investments.