Accepting on Behalf of Team Blue, by George Hawkins, Public Servant : Professor : Environmentalist


I was honored to accept the US Water Prize for 2016 on behalf of DC Water at the impressive US Water Alliance meeting in Atlanta. 

The US Water Alliance has come a long way since Radhika Fox has taken on the helm, and it is premier effort to drive a one water strategy among the many players in the Water realm. I was honored to be there, in concert with three founders of the US Water Alliance whom were inducted into the Water Alliance Hall of Fame, and the two parties that also received the US Water Prize- Dow and Emory University. I have been asked several times since I delivered a short acceptance speech if I had it written down. Unfortunately, I almost never work from a prepared script and almost never remember what I actually say except in summary points. Yet this was a short speech, about 5 minutes – so I think I can capture it. To wit, this is my best recollection of what I said, although I must admit I have embellished it a bit…  

" Victory! With CAMBI, we would reduce the volume of our biosolids and make it easier for the microbes to do their magical work. We could fit the needed digesters, create a sterilized, super clean biosolid, generate significant clean, on-site power, eliminate the risk of future liability and increasing biosolids reuse costs – and have a solution for the next century."