Ministral visit to Cambi

3rd October 2014

Monica Mæland (Norway’s Industry Minister) [left] and Thorbjorn Røe Isaksen (Minister of Education) [right] visited Cambi´s headquarters.

Norway’s Industry Minister Monica Mæland and Minister of Education Thorbjorn Røe Isaksen, visited Cambi´s headquarters in Asker. The ministers wanted to learn about industrial research, higher education, and public support. Cambi used our cases in Washington, Amperverband and Oslo as examples.


Cambi CEO Per Lillebø presented suggestions as to how research and education can improve conditions in Norway.  He highlighted the cooperation with Oslo as an example of customer-driven innovation.


The ministers wanted to create awareness about these issues as the government prepares to present long-term plans for research and higher education. Gentlemen of the press were present and reported from the meeting.


Knowledge is the new oil, therefore we need to get the private sector to do more research", was the message from both ministers.


The reason why they chose to visit Cambi is very flattering:


"Cambi is an outstanding example of an innovative, research-intensive business that shows the capacity for revitalizing. The company has a strong knowledge network, and manages to create commercial success with their activities. Cambi is an agile company that works to solve major challenges in the society. "

In addition, the ministers pointed out that Cambi work closely with leading research institutes and participate actively in several R&D projects both in Norway and abroad.

Monica Mæland (Norway’s Industry Minister) [left], Per Lillebø (CEO of Cambi) [middle], and Thorbjorn Røe Isaksen (Minister of Education) [right] giving interviews during Ministerial visit to Cambi Headquarters.