7TH November 2014

Cambi will construct a new Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) plant in the city of Hengelo, the Netherlands. The Cambi THP sludge pre-treatment will approximately double the capacity of the existing egg-shaped digesters from 9,000 to 18,000 ton sludge per year.

Waterboard Vechtstromen Digesters

The doubling of capacity allows Waterboard Vechtstromen to shut down the aged digestion facility of Enschede and avoids a costly rebuild of that plant. Cambi pre-treatment of the biological sludge at Hengelo increases the digestion capacity and the biogas production and reduces the final amount of dewatered biosolids. The plant will generate approximately two megawatt of renewable electricity.

Cambi’s CEO Per Lillebø congratulates Waterboard Vechtstromen for choosing the Cambi Process that will strongly reduce their operating costs and carbon foot print.

Waterboard Vechtstromen Digesters.

Cambi will supply the standardized and efficient modular B6 THP product which is a proven solution that has good operating records in Lindum Norway and is being installed in many new and existing plants, including Athens WWTP Psyttalia, Greece,” says Lillebø.

Cambi will also supply coolers and boilers to the Hengelo project. The project is executed in a partnership with the Dutch contractor Logisticon Water Treatment b.v. Logisticon will supply pre-treatment, as well as electrical and civil works and will be responsible for the project management and project coordination.

Waterboard Vechtstromen is responsible for water and wastewater management in the Dutch provinces Drenthe and Overijssel, covering 225.0000 ha and about 800,000 inhabitants. Waterboard Vechtstromen operates a total of 26 wastewater treatment plants.



Cambi is the leading provider of technologies for conversion of biodegradable material to renewable energy and valuable bio-fertilizer resources and biofuel, based on its patented thermal hydrolysis process (Cambi THP).



Waterboard Vechstromen Digesters

Right: The contract was signed on Friday November 7th 2014, by (from left to right), Atila Mellilo (COO of Cambi), Mrs. Jr. M.J.L.A. Langeslag-Linssen (Director of Waterboard Vechtstromen) and Frank Cammaert (Director of Logisticon Water).