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Cambi Service & Operations

Cambi offers operational support for plants throughout their lifetime. The Service Models also may include financial programs, which allow our customers to implement our processes with minimal financial risk, and quick return on investments.

Targets for Cambi Service & Operations
  • Operational stability
  • Low and predictable operating costs
  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • High process performance
  • Few and brief down-time events
  • Minimal financial risk
  • Quick return on investments
Operational support services include
  • Remote support
  • Online monitoring and control
  • Upgrade packages
  • Emergency site support
  • Plant maintenance shut-down; planning, supervision and inspection
  • Site services
  • Training programmes
  • Optimization programmes
  • Test and analysis services, including biological process advice
  • Mass and energy balance studies
  • Purchasing services and advice
  • Maintenance programmes
  • Documentation control and update
  • Service agreements
  • Plant operation services